Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 - what will be the subtitle for this year?

2009 - it has been suggested by several of my thoughtful and thought provoking friends that this is a year of signficant transitions and changes and we will not believe what will have transpired by the time the calendar rolls around to December. While I sit in my office, overlooking Maple Bay on Vancouver Island, in, arguably the most delightful place in Canada, I am aware of the responsibility I hold for the months ahead - personally. I pause when I type that, considering how arrogant that sounds/looks but I can no longer be quiet and small and hide behind those who appear bigger and stronger. "They" will take care of that - I can't affect that - what difference would it make - these are familiar mantras of mine. This year, in this time, they definitely ring hollow.

As a coach, a lover, a mother, a friend and a proud citizen of Canada, I am taking a stand for visionaries and their visions in order to push the momentum forward. I will make use of the resources and networks I have in my life to advance my agenda. I won't hesitate to speak for that agenda - for connecting people - and watching the ripple of those connections as they glide outward in larger and larger circles.

I often say that I have the privilege, as a coach, to engage with others at a profound level, to bear witness to the shift from thoughts in heads to movement in hearts. Now, as I am speaking to more potential coaches about the opportunities and possibilites of training and developing skills in coaching, I am so aware of the power of our words. Never before has it been as clear to me that we are speaking our future into existance. The challenging conversations we are having, the heartfelt dialogue, the controversial articles we are reading, the radio stations we are listening to (shameless plug for CBC Radio 2 - rocks my world!), these words shape our world. Choose yours with care.

This year - 2009 - I will become a grandmother, a role I have been considering for some time. As a grandmother, an elder, (dare I say it?), a "crone", I will have reached a position from which to impart wisdom; a daunting task. However, what I most look forward to is a new playmate, someone new to have fun with. Yes, 2009, the year of merriment? That would be unexpected!


Unknown said...

You have a way with lovely words, Mama. A year of merriment, I can get on board with that.

Prayer Knight said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to merrily reading more.

Unknown said...

Well written - and may I add the roller coaster life will toast us (dare I say "roast") with will bring character and strength. could be echoed "these were the best of times and the worst of times.
May the contrast remind us of joy and gratitude!