Saturday, March 20, 2010

time keeps on slippin', slippin' slippin....

A whole week, no, more than a week has gone by and despite my grand intention to be more regular in my blogging, life has gotten in the way.

This has been a good week, punctuated by walks and yoga and regular, every day routine. Appreciating and celebrating the ordinary has been very prevalent. This second week at home, after the most satisfactory vacation, has me settled nicely into enjoying spring and being at work with renewed enthusiasm. The holiday has faded into some delightful memories and the flakes of my tan littering the inside of my socks. There is a degree of contentment.

The down side (if there is one) to a contented week, is that it has slid away very quickly - is it possible to be present and unconscious at the same time? I found myself several times suddenly aware that I was holding my breath - and quickly whooshed out the stale air and inhaled intentionally. While I love being a grandmother, there is no denying which side of the long life slope I am on, so I am relishing experiences and treasuring instances of laughter and delight.

I have been aware of other people's tragedies this week - losses of friends, parents, pets and as always, the state of the world looks challenging and daunting, but even with that awareness, I feel light and determined to be creating magic. Perhaps some of my thaumaturgy could be in freezing the moment and finding a way to hold on to it for just a little longer.

Image credit to Temari09


Unknown said...

Freezing the moment. I have often thought that would be delicious. One could file them away like a good book, every once in a while taking them out to enjoy again. Glad you are feeling content, refreshed and obviously living in the moment.

Ruth said...

Good that you found yourself refreshed after vacation - and not worn out, as can happen.

It really is challenging to stay centered and content in a world of chaos and grief. Because I think we make a difference when we're in that state, I keep finding ways to stay there. We'll change the world from the inside out.

Ellen said...

Ah, vacations are such blessings. The good part is that the memories last a life time. Getting started again after a wonderful is difficult, I know. But, off we go!