Monday, December 3, 2012

Ponderings on the end (or beginning) of the world...

So, here we are, 18 days away from either the end of the world as we know it or a glorious new entrance to the next era for mankind, depending on who you talk to.  Now, I was visiting the Yucatan peninsula 13-14 years ago and came upon the Mayan prediction at a time when I was deeply engaged in exploring all aspects of my world, including Mayan ruins and deep, clearly connected to the earth cenotes on land that roared to me with its spiritual importance and significance.  It just made sense; of course, the end of this time was upon us, it seemed quite obvious. And was I called to being there, in the shadow of the ancient Mayans for this very important transition? Hell, yes!!

But life happened... businesses were sold and started and failed and marriages began and ended (not mine, by the way) and a grandson was born and I changed careers, went to school and moved a lot.  And grand plans of the ultimate excursion to bear witness to the Mayan prophecy in situ with each and every person that I love has become an intimate dinner with 5 or 6 of my dear friends where we will ferociously debate this time and place over wine and great food and fully expect to wake on December 22nd with little noticeable alteration to the landscape we gaze upon.

Will that be it?  Is that all that will become of this potential to transform our planet overnight?  There is no question that I sense a building energy around me; observe it in all my coaching clients, loving relationships and world politics, but like the quantum physics question - did our observation of this condition change the state of it or is there a natural progression of human beings that we have the privilege of bearing witness to?

I choose to believe; partly because I get to choose what I believe, that we are in the company of a very small number of humans who will have an opportunity to be alive at a time of momentous change.  We have already seen the madness of Y2K and lived to describe it (or did you party like it was 1999?) and this next step feels like the maturing of humans.  Like the time of adolescence for any species, there are some of us that are entering into it kicking and screaming, digging our heels in and fingers clawing at the doorway.  This evolution is inevitable or like Darwin observed, we too will come and go as a species and some entity like David Attenborough (okay, now imagine David in a more insectoid form) will be describing at length the marvels of the Homo Sapiens and pontificating upon their downfall.

It does occur that there is some urgency over these next precious days to be being in a way that allows this shift to happen with some ease and grace.  Perhaps that is the blue skying daydream.  Birthing, maturing, changing are not easy or simple states to pass through and while I sit here typing away (interrupted by not one but two of my loved ones in challenging circumstances reaching out for some assistance), I will need to apply all of my appreciative powers and wisdom and knowledge, without hesitation to "hold space" for us all.

These rare points of alignment of celestial bodies and peoples' passionate desires for a world that works are not to be wasted.  In the next 18 days, I will take on a conscious awareness in each of my interactions and communications.  This time is not like any other and it won't ever happen again.  Carpe diem was never more important!  

See you on the other side!!

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