Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Year of Completion...

At the J-O-B that I still work at, where I literally punch a clock and sit at a desk where I am not always called to do my heart's work, there is a policy that my password needs to change every three months.  Now you know the schtick, it has to have a certain combination of letters, numbers and so on to qualify.  I took on creating a password that is a declaration or intention for what I want to create or manifest.  This idea came from another brilliant person who used this to heal a relationship with his ex-wife by having a password that said "L1nd@isAmazing" or something of the sort, so that he contemplated what it would be like to have a loving outlook for someone he had been in deep conflict with each time he logged in to his computer.

Well, I adopted this practice and this year the passwords have been a series of reminders about getting things done and wrapping up projects that had been hanging around long enough to feel very stale.  Not the least of which was completing my Masters' degree.  Along with "Year0fCompletion", I had "MAInterdisciplinary!" to cheer me on to get across the finish line.  They worked and after I received notification that my major research project had been accepted and the Academic Council had conferred my degree, I changed the log-in to "Everything1sperfect".  

Typing a declaration that life is perfect over and over turned out to have its own challenges as I was quickly faced with a world where a dear friend's daughter died and my own daughter's marriage went through major upheaval and the UN declared a climate crisis is upon us.  Less than ideal circumstances for a perfect life.  But, the reminder that life is perfect, no matter what, has been an excellent exercise in trusting the Universe.

I was forced to consider what my definition of perfection is and how often I sit in judgement of how this life is not the right one (and of course, how it would be, if only...).  As a coach, I often ask my clients to hang in with me in an uncomfortable conversation, one where I am gently provoking thought in areas that are unfamiliar.  And, this then applies to me (frustrating when there is no place to hide from your own inner coach!).  

So, the antidote has been I have been practicing my appreciation and gratitude once again.  Next week, as I walk across the much dreamed about stage to receive my degree, I will be present to the power of dreams and holding space for them to come true, even when they seem unattainable.  Absolutely miraculous...and perhaps this achievement came from changing my password?  Who knows!

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