Monday, February 2, 2009


Challenging times call for uncommon responses, right? Remarkable people stepping up and inventing and creating from nothing, agreed? So, then, why is it that I feel so flat and incapable of digging up enough energy to keep going this week? After all, we survived January, the days are indisputably longer and spring seems like it will return after all.

After spending a signficant amount of time researching and organizing a day of planning for the enterprise I am involved with that would set a new course and send us off renewed and excited about an unimagined future, it just didn't come off quite that resoundingly. Now, there are lots of reasons, all understandable and what was accomplished did make a difference, don't get me wrong. I do comprehend that when you pause to look at where you will be in 5 years and fill in the blanks for the backwards timeline, it is easy to get bogged down in detail. Where I find myself is wondering what it will take to change direction as a species, like really?!

Because if two committed and exceptional women who have powerfully spoken an incredible vision for human beings and have promised to be responsible for their part in it, cannot put aside the standard view of business for 8 hours, then how can I expect that our leaders, both corporate and political will have what it takes to respond to what is ahead?

Hmm, seems I am knee-deep in overwhelm this morning - no wonder my morning has been a slog to get through and I was over an hour late in starting my day. Here is where it gets interesting - whatcha going to do about it, Carol?? Where to find inspiration and faith when it all looks a little bleak? Well, reliably in my life, the solution has been to get into action. Make that phone call that I was putting off, dive into the tasks that I have been procrastinating on, jump in somewhere where I can immediately see results (washing dishes always has that effect!).

So, this morning, this Monday to begin this week, I will be grateful, remember who I am and believe - just, believe.

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