Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shifting gears - changing seasons

We made it through February - yahoo! I don't get a sense of the challenge of holding my breath for a whole month until I realize that I am exhaling again! February, every year of my memory, is a challenge. No statutory holidays - the obligatory Valentine's guilt-laden tradition, short, cold days and even colder dark nights - what is there to love? Well, from this buoyant perspective of March 1st - it is over! Now, we can get on with the rest of year and all the worthwhile spring, summer days to look forward to.

I had company for dinner last night and reveled in the opportunity to hang out in the kitchen preparing food from recipes that I had drooled over and anticipated making and sharing. My kitchen features a counter where people can gather on stools participating in the preparation and encouraging by tasting and sipping wine with me while I bustle around completing the final steps for dinner. It is one of my favourite things to do - try a new combination of flavours and watch my friends and family enjoy the outcome.

And the conversations - somehow the act of gathering for a meal warms our souls, opens our minds and allows for free wheeling and fabulous discussions! I have noticed a tone of optimism and possible transformation in the discourses I have been engaged in. Even with the self-proclaimed cynics in my crowd, there is a sense of possibility and grudging respect for what is working in the world around us. Whether it is the burgeoning buds on the trees, foreshadowing the luxurious leaves to come, or the cozy atmosphere created on an evening of convivial breaking of bread, it was delightful to acknowledge that I have survived another winter.

I am anticipating the weeks ahead - the promise of spring in the air and the communications that come out of a hopeful state of mind.

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Anonymous said...

Your writing is quite uplifting, Mom. Funny, I woke up into a general negativity and reading this has me being calm and focused. I miss you.