Monday, June 29, 2009

Need it be brilliant?

While I have been exploring the worlds of my blogging companions and noticing how connected I feel to them, I have come to realize that what really works for me is to read something from them every day. When one of my 'regulars' takes a well deserved day off and does not coincide with one of my days off, I am disappointed that I missed my glimpse into their lives. This and the brilliant conversations I had with colleagues last week about the powerful affiliations created in our social networks has inspired me to write far more often.

Not a day goes by when I haven't had pause to consider an aspect of my life, so, why not share?

Today, I noticed that I am ready for more than 2 or 3 days off in a row - yes, it is time for a holiday. However, I have not structured my life to accomplish this in the current glory days of summer. My next extended period away from work will be in the next 2-3 weeks, answering the baby hot-line and rushing to share in the labour and delivery of the grandbaby. Not exactly mai-tai, margaritas, mango daiquiris (insert beverage of choice) on the beach, hmmm?

This leads to thoughts about taking care of myself, appreciating my contributions and creating not only the time but the means to vacate (that just doesn't cut it as the verb for vacation, does it?). Since I am now an "independent contractor" in the parlance of the new world of business, that means no paid vacation time, which I had really taken for granted after 4 years of working in a corporate structure. So, how to accomplish this? Well, my financially oriented friends would be able to assist me in a budget planning session where I carefully put away sufficient funds for a planned holiday in the future. That and the coaches I surround myself with who can assist with finding the structure to support my self-love commitment should do the trick. In the meanwhile, days with the new baby and stolen hours in the sun during on a glorious day during the week will have to suffice. Truly mini-holidays...

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