Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wisdom, but at what price?

Hmmm, this morning as I was putting on my makeup - a daily routine that is always done with a little dialogue with the woman in the mirror (shout-out to MJ) - I considered whether wisdom is ever attainable without deterioration of the physical being? For I am finally figuring out some fundamental truths about me and life and at the same time discovering that I ain't as young as I used ta be...
So, I wondered if we ever recognize a sage in a young person or whether that is discarded as brash arrogance? And if that is so, which I suspect it is, what is needed to shift our awareness of wise people sooner on our path - especially if they are our peers or children, because wouldn't this be much simpler if we just accepted the messages from the universe that drip onto our heads 10,000 times until they leave an impression?
This actually just firms my resolve to live to 100, an active, happy, energetic 100 years where I actually get a chance to do something with my new found grace and awareness. Particularly because right now I don't seem to be very masterful in this realm - I need a few more years at least to gain some confidence and a lot more conversations with the bleary eyed reflection when I wash my face!

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