Friday, October 23, 2009

It was 30 years ago today...

Grateful for Today #113 - it was 30 years ago today...

that my magical son was born... my graces today are for him:

~ that he has become this incredible man who acts, reads poetry, loves deeply and makes people laugh
~ that he follows his heart - knows why he is on this earth - and what he is good at
~ that he has beautiful hands, long elegant fingers and uses them in expression of his words (when he was a teeny baby a very funny old lady that rode the bus with us exclaimed over his long fingers then -she said he would play the piano...)
~ that he calls me "Mama" and writes me these beautiful notes and poems and cries when I send him notes and poems back
~ that he is such a great big brother for his sister and tender uncle for his nephew and loves to experience harmony in our family

Happy Birthday my son!! (okay it was yesterday, but I had to share!)


Extranjera said...

happy Birthday to your son!
(Honestly, I can't believe he's my age...;o)

Ruth said...

Wow, your son sounds pretty amazing. Happy Birthday to him a day late. I imagine you're celebrating all weekend.

caroldiane said...

Extranjera - his age comes as a major surprise to me too - considering that in my head I am 35!
Ruth - he is an amazing son - I feel very blessed to have him in my life and I have not yet seen him to wish him happy birthday in person!