Monday, May 17, 2010

Ponderings on Grace

One definition of Grace, given by an on-line dictionary is this:

a. the freely given, unmerited favor and love of god.

I liked this definition as it rang true for me and that "god" was not capitalized, which also rang true for me. Grace...I don't have to pay for it, I don't have to earn it and it is an expression of love from god(s) undescribed. Fabulous.

Being in a state of grace is described as "the state of one who is under such divine influence". As I move through my day, which started very early with a provocative teleclass where "grace" came up several times, I realize that I am usually striving for that state of grace and not always experiencing the divine influence. That concept that I don't have to be working to achieve this mysterious state, nothing to do, nowhere to go, is novel for me. To be able to relax and be in that freely given, unmerited favor place - well, just even imagining it causes me to pause in absolute wonder. I wonder what my life would look like if I just accepted this as so. I wonder how much more time and energy I would have to be effective in my day if I wasn't so caught up in worrying about producing this state of being. I wonder what my world will look like a year from now when I am practiced in (wait for it...) Letting Go?!

Yup, this all follows the Trusting the Universe theme, no surprise there. I do marvel at how many different ways this message is coming to me, from how many different messengers. And in the short period of time that I have begun to exercise this new found ability to allow Grace to be present I have discovered that it does alter my perspective. I "see" the world differently and quite often, like right now, words fail to describe the depth I have access to in this precious life.


photo image by Manny Lorenzo


elaine laurin said...

lovely carol,
the tissue of my body seems to take soooo long to get this, my mind gets it, i believe my cells hold the memory and the capability for it, now when they all harmonize, oooo what a grace that will be

Unknown said...

so interesting a subject to ponder, Carol. My psychologist (a Jungian) used to equate effort and grace. In some ways as I have pondered this question over the years, I agree. As I learn to accept and surrender (sounds like a conflict in itself), Grace steps in and 'just is'. I have experienced blips and pieces. Ah yes, illusive Grace! May she all become part of our souls.