Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A winter of content?

Having read of the identification of the long buried remains of King Richard III (under a parking lot, now who would have ever thought to look for them there?), I was interested to read of the words accredited to him via our friend Will Shakespeare - "My kingdom for a horse" (I thought it was Bugs Bunny who said that...) and "now is the winter of my discontent".  

It made me think of how winter seems to breed discontent and here in the northern climes, I am right on board with the throngs of Vitamin D deficient, sallow cheeked, slug-belly white folks, peering anxiously out their windows, hoping for a glimpse of sunshine and yearning for warmth.  I have developed a dangerous attachment to my down duvet and have learned to step out of my shoes into my fleece lined slippers without ever risking a step onto the cold floor.  While I live in the most sub-tropical region of this grand country, the mercury is hovering constantly under 10 degrees (or 50 degrees F for those who need a translation).  That just isn't warm enough...

However, what really drew me to comment was that despite the chilly environment outside my door, I am experiencing a distinct contentment.  As I have noted previously, I am immediately suspicious of this feeling, waiting for the shoe to drop and the dread to creep in.  But this time, there is some sense of sustainability to my contentedness.  I can hear my coach asking, "where does it live in your body?".  Good question, coach... well, it is centred around my heart.  Funny that, lines up with all that I am learning about the power of our hearts.  Did you know the heart muscle responds before the brain fires?  And that hearts can be broken?  And we all know the cost of not caring for our hearts.  In my case, my dad was gone at the young age of 67 because of heart condition that first threatened his life in his 50's.  And yes, as I pass the midpoint of that decade, I am all too aware of what nurtures and what challenges my heart.

Consciously building into my life the pieces that are loving to my heart is so worthwhile.  Continued learning, supported by people who are awake and sharing their consciousness and commitment with me makes a huge difference.  Practicing stretching and working on my mind and body brings focus and determination to this ability.  I get reminders to be silly and have learned that being happy does not have a limit, that is to say you cannot be too happy.  

A year or two ago my mantra was "Trust the Universe", this year it is "Let Go".  I am so committed to that lesson that I am preparing to get it inked on my arms.  My daughter had "Let Go and Breathe" tattooed on her wrists a long time ago and it is just about the only permanent expression I can imagine living with for the rest of my days.  So, I have dug out my calligraphy pens and am designing the letters that I want re-created on my wrists.  I don't think there is much more that needs to be said; just, let go!

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Ruth said...

This is wonderful, Caroldiane. What is in our brains, fixed there, that believes something is amiss when we feel contented? It is a sad thing, but how terrific that you have grown to the point of feeling this joy and peace. It really is possible to let go and feel this way. But it takes a lot of work. So I commend you for persevering!