Monday, April 1, 2013

Some pondering on the nature of miracles

This last few days I have had cause to consider the nature of miracles and angels.  Through the magic of this remarkable contraption that sits in front of me, I was informed about a friend, who I know only online, and a catastrophic health situation that occurred for her in a shockingly short period of time.  Saturday, she was fine, celebrating a birthday, thanking people for their wishes on Facebook and on Tuesday morning I found an urgent message (I can tell because my polite FB friends only use CAPITALS in case of emergency) to view her page to get important information about this friend.  Laura was in hospital in critical condition, having lost most of the blood in her body and the doctors were saying there was little hope that she would survive the day.

I recall saying "Holy Sh*$" out loud and trying to find out as much as I could given that I live thousands of miles away and have only this tenuous connection of "friend" on Facebook and another blog writing site.  Over a period of hours, more and more people got the word and joined a virtual vigil on her FB page.  Prayers, thoughts, remembered times with Laura were shared and updates from the family at the hospital trickled in.  The news kept getting worse and after surgery, she was not expected to live through the night.  One marvelous woman who had been able to see Laura at the hospital shared that she felt Laura was not sure about whether to re-join us on this earth and may choose to cross over that night.  We were asked to love her and bless her decision whatever it may be.

It did seem that a miracle was the only option available as the medical professionals had done all they could to patch up her body and fill her back up with a stunning 88 units of blood.  I checked in the next morning to find that Laura made it through the night and was facing another surgery.  She survived that one and in the following morning's posts I  learned that she had a little colour in her face, that her kidneys were working and while more operations were scheduled to to clean up and repair as much as possible and found out that she had her pancreas and some of her liver removed.  

Day after day, more and more people joined the watch over Laura, virtually and physically.  Friends joined family at the hospital, unable to see her in her critical state but just being there lending support, bringing food, hugs and love.  Slowly, slowly, she is coming back. She is now back to consciousness, responding, anxious to communicate and very much in this world.

There is no reasonable explanation for why Laura is alive right now.  The doctors had given her a 10% chance of living through the first 48 hours.  I believe I have witnessed and been part of a miracle; the combined energies and prayers, thoughts and belief that transcended distance and time and gently held Laura while her soul chose to stay with us.

I don't pretend to understand how any of this works.  I can only say that I am humbled by the power of the outpouring of  love and in awe of how words on a screen can transform a life.  Blessed be Laura and all those around you!

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