Friday, February 3, 2017

If you had a "do-over" in your life, what would it be?

It has been a strange winter in my part of the world.  Today, I am gazing on snowflakes gently drifting past my window (which I am encouraging to gain momentum and give me a decent snowfall since I don't have anywhere to go this afternoon).  I am not winging south to the sun this year, so I have been more focused on the weather here than usual.  I did think this morning how nice it would be to have sufficient disposable income to travel at my leisure and know there was more money in the bank than needed in my lifetime.

That led me to consider the concept of "do-over".  You know, what Billy Crystal talked about in City Slickers, where you get to start again.  I pondered where in my past I would choose a different path if I had the chance to revisit certain pivotal decisions.  Like the time when my parents offered me a trip to England if I gave up my boyfriend who they considered a bad influence (I am still married to him, 38 years today, as a matter of fact).  Or the travel across Canada proposed by a second cousin so we could finally meet after being penpals for over a decade (decided it was too much money and I have now lost touch with her).  And the time when I gave up on a fledgling business, threw in the towel with significant financial consequences (the product we were working on is now sold throughout North America with reasonable success).  Crucial choices that had I gone the other way, my life would be very different.  Better?  Who knows? 

What became clear was that I wouldn't be here and I don't want to trade this.  I have shared before how truly happy I am with my existence, the people in it and the directions I am exploring.  Once again I became aware that all of those twists and turns have landed me in this wondrous moment.  The multi-verse me may have had the experience of the roads not taken and it would be marvelous to compare notes at some point when I have completed the journey this time round.  But for now, the snow has mostly turned to rain that will nourish the crocuses and snowdrops bravely heralding the spring ahead.  

What about you?  When you reach back to remember those moments when your gut told you the left turn vs the right turn would impact the future, would you choose differently if you could do it over?  Where do you think you would be now?  

One thing is certain, there was never a horse that I should have bet on to win against the odds or one number missing to win the gazillion dollar lottery.  And since I really have no regrets about the choices, I can be content with where I am!  I hope you are, too.

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