Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Best year yet?

When I first had the word "breathe" tattoo'd on my wrist, I had no idea how often I would glance at it, trace the letters and be grateful for the reminder to consciously do something that is supposedly so without thought or effort.  What became clear was the difference made when I did bring focus to my breath to stop and be aware.  

Lots is written about awareness and mindfulness today and I still experience the outcome in my life as if it is magic.  Pausing to breathe in and out instantly pulls my 90 mph mind from the Indianapolis 500 racetrack blurring through the windshield perspective.  Miraculously, with nothing more than a breath, stillness, just for a second, overtakes the anxious whirring.  A  reminder of this minor wonder was worth the curious bee sting sensation that accompanied the inking of my body.

I approached the beginning of this year with a troubled feeling that I was already behind.  I had the nasty flu that flattened many people over the holidays and looking at the unsent Christmas cards on my desk this morning, I realized that I wasn't getting those two weeks back and it was time to move on to embrace the potential of 2017.  I have a marvelous day book for the year titled "Make %*it happen", with the "S-H" artfully blacked out on the cover.  It is a "Call-to-action" or CTA as my brilliant marketing colleagues would say.  And it is a theme I am very ready to welcome this year.  

This will be the 60th spin around the sun for this body.  It feels momentous and worth celebrating.  It will coincide with the completion (if the good lord is willin' and the crik don't rise too much) of my Masters degree and the sesqui-centennial for Canada.  There will be all kinds of events and fireworks displays which I will take full advantage of to mark my birthday year.  There are also notable opportunities unfolding related to my degree program and advancing my coaching practice and I am really excited about the next twelve months.  I feel prepared to be fully at work, exercising my awareness muscles to gain more capacity to be in the moment and yet gazing ahead.  

Writing, journalling, sharing thoughts and dialogue will enhance my experience and allow me to engage with others to further the happenings.  What is your Call to Action?  What will make this your best year yet?

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