Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Waking up to birds

This week, despite the freezing cold weather, (at least for this part of the world), I have been wakened by the insistent and persistent voices of the birds outside my window. They know that it is supposed to be spring even though the weather man does not share their enthusiasm.

I have been creating practices that support my well-being this past several weeks, having done an inventory of the broken promises of fitness and health strewn across the landscape of winter. I am always surprised by the extent to which my sense of wholeness and integrity are affected by my physical body. This is no revelation for many of my commitedly fit friends but for some reason, this knowledge rarely empowers me.

I have been making use of a beautiful Moleskine journal that my son gave me for Christmas to capture thoughts and images that reflect being inspired and energized in my life. Since I impose very strict rules on my journal writing (has to be handwritten, in a beautiful script, using each page, every line, no spelling errors, dated for review and consideration - very legible in case my memoirs get published etc...) this freedom of sticking cut out pictures from magazines, colouring and drawing and without form and order is very freeing! And it has resulted in inspiration for a lean, strong, peaceful me. I have discovered that I want to exercise and stretch, walk regularly, meditate each day. That is a huge breakthrough for me. Now I will take that momentum into continued action and realize the vision of that Carol striding up the hill and running on the beach.

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