Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More magic than I ever imagined!

This is an image of my yet-to-be-born grandson... I just have to pause after typing that because I am truly overwhelmed by all the emotions the image evokes. Compared to last month's blurry snapshot and the primitive, grainy suggestions of something on a Polaroid that were ultrasounds for my kids (I know, I know, back in my day...), this is like getting to see the trailer before the movie - wow, there he is!

Snuggling up to my darling daughter this past weekend, ensconced on the couch with a blanket, very conscious that it is now 3 of us all curled up, I was graced with a moment of indescribeable gratitude. Into this circle of loving family, "our" baby will be encouraged, supported, cared for, played with, taught and shared. And truthfully, that is the part that excites me - that I get to share this new baby, he is part of MY family.

And as spring slowly progresses, it seems we did not get our little teaser of really warm weather in March this year. Those of you on the west coast of Canada will know, the days in March when it reaches +15 and you think, YES, winter is over, just before the temperature falls and the grey rains set in again. Not even a taste of that yet, which is just as well, because I always find it so disappointing that the heat hasn't really arrived.

This year, my days are marked by the birds - in my office, my eyes are often drawn to the sky or the enormous trees across the street to the movement of my winged friends. My neighbour, a saint to all creatures, feeds flocks of the birds and I get the bonus - many of them hang around my house. Unfortunately, this also means they semi-regularly fly into my windows despite having flagged the windows with stuff. Poor little things, they hardly stand a chance with our intrusions on their world.

Life is abundant in all respects right now, coming back to my gratitude. Each day is magical, indeed!

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