Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthdays, births and growing pains

I decided that if I couldn't be a super hero, I could at least be a super hostess, so throwing a big celebratory party was a good expression of my able-to-leap-tall appetizers abilities. And a successful soiree was enjoyed by all including the 60 year old birthday boy! I love the role of hostess, taking care of guests, making sure food and beverages are out and organized. I get to enjoy the party from a different perspective.

Next on my horizon is the imminent birth of my grandson. I am part of the birth "team", a concept that was quite foreign in the olden days of my children's births. For my generation it was a big step to have Dad in the labour and delivery rooms. While I suspect the whole team will not be there for the entire event; we may work in shifts - I hope to be there for the actual birth and I am nervous. My experience ("I dunno nuthin' 'bout birthin' babies, Miz Scarlett...") is only my own kids' births and I don't know how that prepares you for anything. It is mostly a blur of pain and ecstacy. But, I am honoured to be asked to support, love my daughter, son-in-law and this new being more than I can describe, so I will be of service.

Being of service - that is where I can lose my ego, discover endless patience, calm and order, find depths of understanding and abilities that I don't know that I have. I understand why women (and men) would choose a life of service in religion. There are tremendous rewards!

This is my meditation for this week - topic for thought and consideration. Being of service - including being of service to me - what does that look like and how does it serve the greater good?

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