Friday, July 10, 2009

So much for letting go...

Well, what to make of the message from the universe today? After relaxing my stranglehold on the control levers and practising breathing and being assured that all is as it should be, a phone call with my elderly mom 700 km away resulted in a frantic call to the neighbour, the hospital and hours in emergency for my mama. Turns out she wasn't having a stroke (my layperson diagnosis over the phone) but has a terrible virus causing extreme dizziness and disorientation. My mom's next door neighbour not only stepped up to be with her while the paramedics were doing their thing but went back to check on the cat, then got up at 4 am to drive her home from the hospital. A shining knight, indeed!

Of course my little mind which always snaps to finding the connections, however obscure, figured out that my release of superhero role, thus revealing my secret identity to the world, resulted in the classic comic book catastrophe that always befell Superman when he decided to hang up the cape. The evil do-ers of the planet (in this case those nasty viruses) took advantage of my moment of weakness. What is a gal who vaguely resembles Clark Kent to do??

Once again, in the clear sunny light of day, I can find the humour in the situation, but last night as I contemplated chartering a plane so that I could be at my mom's bedside, my "trust" was a little shaken. Maybe it was just a challenge to my process... after all, not really a crisis; my mom is home, woozy, but alright and it all got managed, right? Well, yes.

So back to the mantra - trust-trust-trust - all is as it should be!!

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