Friday, July 3, 2009

Either a resounding YES or it's a No

It is either a resounding YES or it is No...

I read this on another friend's blog (She posts on Grace in Small Things which I joyfully participate in most every day and the thought has been rattling around in my brain ever since. I am holding up that question to every facet of my life and frankly, it is a little unsettling. While I have reached an age where I am much more declarative, arriving here came through convoluted pathways and often from veering right off the map of my life as I knew it. And I feel as though I might still be a tourist not a resident of the emphatic Affirmative Town. And I often am gripped by the need to apologize right after I state a resounding YES (or NO).

So, in the spirit of playing a game today, as trying on states of being in play allows a little room for fun, I am only taking on steps, tasks, decisions, choices that I can give a heartfelt YES to. I will see what comes out of a day of that...

(I am disregarding the immediate desire to delete that declaration - too bold, too risky, too selfish, etc - and will report back on what the experience is like!)

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