Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walkin' the Talk...

I know in my head that the act of appreciation shifts perspective and even grasp the concept that it alters one's physiology, but I never cease to be amazed when it works!! Yes, being consciously grateful for even the small things in my life lifts the cloud around my head and allows words to pour out and ideas to come to the surface. Hmph, can it be that simple? Is that really all it takes to be happy? My complicated mind is convinced that this is not real and the melancholy that was with me when I woke up is the actual reality of today. How ridiculous human beings are!

What is interesting is noting how I jump to the justification of the moodiness - almost like I deserve to feel sad. Funny that - I don't have the same automatic inclination to feel really happy. Must be the hard wiring!

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